Claris and Tall Bob

Revolutionize your app’s capabilities with mobile messaging in the user-friendly Claris FileMaker platform, now fuelled by Tall Bob APIs’ unmatched SMS and MMS power.

About Claris

Transform your messaging game with fmSMS & fmMMS and Tall Bob.

Bidding farewell to manual messaging and embracing seamless customer engagement through automation

Tall Bob SMS is the ultimate solution for sending and receiving SMS messages via Claris FileMaker Platform. With its powerful API, Tall Bob makes messaging easy by allowing you to send messages to one or more recipients within seconds. The integration’s Webhooks feature enables automated replies, which are directly sent back to Claris. Additionally, its unlocked capability allows for seamless integration into your current FileMaker solution, making it the perfect SMS integration choice.

Claris features

Stay connected with your customers when it matters most.

Get SMS that you can rely on with Tall Bob

  • No additional plug-ins required, APIs are integrated to Claris FileMaker
  • Secure messaging gateways that’s embedded in telco networks worldwide
  • Unlock the unprecedented power of SMS delivery with seamless integration into your FileMaker solution
  • Experience the full potential of MMS delivery with effortless integration into your FileMaker solution.
  • Includes Webhooks support for Data API and PHP API to enable automatic delivery status and reply updates pushed directly to your FileMaker Server

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