JobAdder and Tall Bob

Send single and Bulk SMS and improve candidate recruitment experience with JobAdder and Tall Bobs SMS platform.

About JobAdder

Why do recruiters love using Tall Bob SMS for recruiting?

Send and receive real-time, two-way text messages from JobAdder using the Tall Bob recruitment messaging platform.

With mobile phones within arms reach up to 20hrs a day, Top recruiters know the power of SMS and reaching candidates quickly, efficiently & securely.

Streamline the immediacy of SMS for recruiters by aligning your Jobadder account with the power of Tall Bob and placing more candidates in a quicker time & with more accuracy.

JobAdder features

With an open rate within 90 seconds of being received you will also gain access to

With Tall Bob, you can:

  • Personalized and Tailored SMS: Create SMS campaigns that are customized to your audience with merge fields to ensure each recipient gets a personalized message.

  • MMS Engagement: Use attention-grabbing MMS to make a lasting impression and drive higher engagement rates.

  • Rich Landing Pages: Add surveys and availability options to your landing pages to provide a seamless candidate experience and gather valuable data.

  • Detailed Analytics: Track your SMS campaign's success with detailed analytics that show delivery rates, open rates, and more.

  • Telco Agnostic Delivery: Send your SMS campaigns with confidence, knowing that our platform will deliver your messages across all major mobile carriers for maximum success.

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