NationBuilder and Tall Bob

Grow your community and scale of your organisation through the customisation of NationBuilder and Tall Bobs SMS platform.

About NationBuilder

Get the world-class tools you need in a flexible plan that grows with you.

Tall Bob measure all aspects of user engagement and provide valuable analytics and insights about which individual customers engaged, when, how, frequency and depth. We feed this data back into NationBuilder for true, one to one interactions between marketers and consumers.

NationBuilder features

More than text messaging

With Tall Bob, you can:

  • Send bulk SMS and MMS Campaigns
  • Personalisation and Data Driven messages – include any fields you need in messages or landing page 2-way SMS conversations – have conversations via SMS Keyword
  • Customise Sender ID’s – set the sender ID as your company name or a mobile number (for reply path). There are certain character and country restrictions.
  • Detailed Analytics, Report and Graphical interfaces
  • Include tracking URL’s in SMS – use short url’s for individual tracking and to reduce sms characters count.

Create, connect, convert.

NationBuilder pricing

Getting started and integrated is easy.

For pricing, contact the Tall Bob team.

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