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Enhance Your Marketing with Campaign Monitor and Tall Bob

Direct marketing is an effective way to engage with customers, but to get the most out of it, you need to build multiple touchpoints that resonate with your audience. With Campaign Monitor and Tall Bob, you can do just that by combining SMS communications with your email marketing efforts.

By leveraging this powerful combination, you can better engage with your customers and create more meaningful interactions. With Campaign Monitor and Tall Bob, you can create targeted, personalized messages that connect with your customers at the right time and on the right channels.

Whether you're looking to promote a new product, drive more sales, or increase brand awareness, Campaign Monitor and Tall Bob can help you achieve your direct marketing goals. So why not take your marketing efforts to the next level?

Campaign Monitor features

Powerful Features for Enhanced Communication with Tall Bob

Tall Bob offers more than just text messaging. Here are some of the key features that can help you take your communication with customers to the next level:

  • Seamless Email-SMS Integration: Tall Bob allows you to easily opt-in or opt-out of email communications right from an SMS message. This integration ensures that your customers receive your messages on their preferred channel, maximizing your reach and engagement.

  • Improved Email Open Rates: Send an SMS alert to subscribers who have not opened your email yet. With Tall Bob, you can stay top of mind and remind your subscribers of your message, boosting your open rates and improving your chances of success.

  • Personalized SMS Messages: Tailor your messages to specific subscribers by sending personalized SMS messages to those who click on your email. With Tall Bob, you can create a more customized and engaging experience for your subscribers.

  • Omni-channel Journeys: Build seamless, multi-touch campaigns that include email, SMS, and more. With Tall Bob, you can create omni-channel journeys that reach your customers where they are and drive better results.

  • Emoji and Unicode Support: Enhance your messages with emojis and support different languages using Unicode characters. With Tall Bob, you can add a personal touch and better connect with your customers.

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