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Keep up to date and organised with your emails when you connect Tall Bobs SMS notifications with Gmail.

About Gmail

Never forget to reply to an email using Tall Bob's mobile messaging platform.

Integrating Gmail's secure, smart, and easy email platform with Tall Bob SMS notifications allows you to stay on top of your inbox from anywhere, at any time. With the ability to receive SMS notifications for important emails, you'll never miss an important message again. Gmail's advanced features such as tags, threaded conversations, and Google-powered search make it easy to manage and locate messages quickly and efficiently.

Integrating Tall Bob SMS notifications with Gmail provides a layer of convenience and flexibility, allowing you to access your emails from your mobile device without sacrificing security or reliability. With real-time SMS notifications, you can respond to urgent messages faster and keep your inbox organized on the go. Elevate your email management by seamlessly integrating Tall Bob SMS notifications into Gmail.

Gmail features

More than text messaging

With Tall Bob, you can:

  • Send and receive SMS: With Tall Bob SMS notifications integration into Gmail, you can send and receive SMS messages directly from your Gmail account.

  • Receive message reminders on Gmail activity: Stay up-to-date with your inbox by receiving SMS reminders for important emails and activities on your Gmail account. Opt-in or opt-out of email communications from an SMS message – Choose to receive or stop receiving them, making it easy to manage your preferences.

  • Send MMS: With the ability to send MMS messages from Gmail, you can enhance your messaging experience with multimedia content such as images, videos, and audio recordings.

  • Send text-to-speech voice calls: Elevate your messaging capabilities by sending text-to-speech voice calls directly from your Gmail account, allowing for more personalized and engaging conversations.

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